“I can say that the Pantheon Group is always collaborative — lots of young aggressive big movers working together to help reach their partner ventures’ achieve the maximum growth potential in their respective industries.

A3 Group has expanded our network assets when Pantheon came into the partnership — new business opportunities and synergies that adds up credibility to our existing pool of clientele.”

Jerik Santos

President of A3 Group

“It’s very easy to work with Pantheon! Everyone’s so helpful and easy to talk to. Good culture!

Pantheon is also marketing Alike to other businesses for media mileage. Looking forward to closing deals with Pantheon!”

Chari Mendoza

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Alike Media Inc.

“I had five prerequisites that I would not compromise on: a company that inspires me, a product that I am passionate about, a career that challenges me and pushes me to grow in new directions, management that supports and motivates me to perform at my highest level, and a group of people who really understand the service I’m offering.

All of these criteria are met by Pantheon Holdings. It’s a business that motivates me. It thinks in the future. I enjoy the organisational attitude and culture, as well as being a part of a group that works hard to help the next generation of entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality. This isn’t just a collaboration in my eyes. I’m putting my time, knowledge, and expertise into a business that is also putting money into me.”

Aaron Reconquista

Executive Creative Director of J. Recon Tailors