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Quay Concepts

Quay Concepts is an F&B management company that focuses on creating meaningful and unique experiences by blending a curated mix of music, drinks, food, and design ambiance. Quay strives to create concepts as a platform for the diverse communities of nightlife, music, and F&B. 

Services: Food, Beverage, Event Space, Brand Collaborations


Apotheka Poblacion

Apotheka, situated at the Ground Floor of White Rabbit, is more than just a club and performance venue—it’s a vibrant fusion of Asian-inspired ambiance, offering a delightful blend of great music and exceptional drinks, providing the perfect setting for a night of unforgettable revelry.

Products: Food & Beverage

Cheshire Speakeasy

Cheshire is an exclusive haven where sophistication meets whimsy, offering a hidden gem for discerning individuals seeking a private and captivating experience. With its intimate ambiance, artisan-crafted drinks, and soothing jazz music, Cheshire promises an enchanting escape filled with refined pleasures and the joy of discovery.

Products: Food & Beverage

Ugly Duck Tapas & Rooftop Lounge

Ugly Duck is a unique tapas bar and rooftop lounge that combines Asian and Spanish flavors to create an unforgettable dining experience. Inspired by the classic story of “The Ugly Duckling,” this venue is designed to foster genuine connections and encourage guests to come together.

With long communal tables that can accommodate everything from intimate twosomes to big groups of 30, Ugly Duck is perfect for dinner parties. The music is carefully curated to enhance the dining experience, and the menu pays homage to the venue’s Asian roots with a touch of Spanish tapas cuisine. Come experience the transformation at Ugly Duck!

Products: Food & Beverage

Good Times

Situated in Proscenium, Rockwell, Good Times is a unique speakeasy bar where Art Deco seamlessly blends with Y2K, and the youthful spirit converges with timeless sophistication. Immerse yourself in the essence of each era and decade, discovering the Good Times that define them all.

Services: Food & Beverage

Nori Sushi Bar

Nori Sushi Bar, situated at Proscenium in Rockwell, Makati City, presents a delectable array of Japanese culinary delights, featuring expertly crafted temaki, sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri, alongside other beloved Japanese specialties. Immerse yourself in a culinary journey that blends traditional flavors with contemporary flair at this exquisite sushi destination.

Services: Food & Beverage

Out of Office

Out of Office is a sophisticated cocktail bar uniquely infused with the vibrant energy of New York City and enriched by the diverse cultural influences of Southeast Asia. Situated in Bonifacio Global City, Out of Office offers an inviting haven for those in search of a tranquil escape from the rigors of everyday life.

Services: Food & Beverage

Uma Nota Manila

Uma Nota Manila is a Brazilian-Japanese concept restaurant offering a unique dining experience with its beautifully designed space to guests. Enjoy its carefully crafted menu made to cater to the local palate at Shangri-La the Fort, Manila.

Services: Food, Beverage & Event Space

Meats & Deli Cafe

Indulge your culinary senses at Meats & Deli, nestled in The Grove by Rockwell. Crafted by the culinary expertise of Chef Alyana Asistio, this concept restaurant is your premier destination for a diverse array of delectable offerings, serving as the ideal spot for your breakfast cravings and a cozy coffee retreat, enveloping you in the inviting atmosphere of an authentic deli cafe.

Services: Food, Beverage & Event Space

TAAW Beach Club

Taaw or ocean in Ilocano is a beach club located at the beautiful coastline of the famous beaches of San Juan, La Union, the Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines. The Taaw Beach Club brings together various elements consisting of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, and art to create a vibrant, fun and carefree experience for every guest.

The Project entails cutting-edge architecture with influences from Balinese, Tropical and Filipino decent. The goal is to elevate the guest experience with memorable, interactive elements designed to ultimately stimulate all of the senses. All guests will savor delicious Filipino cuisine from different regions & international fusion as well as global favorites.

Services: Food, Beverage, and Accommodations

Brooklyn Social

Brooklyn Social is a multi-functional grooming and lifestyle lounge that offers high quality barbershops services and an undeniably unique experience of coming for a haircut, then enjoying a premium cocktail by the bar. Positioned as a premium culture and lifestyle spot for the upscale student market.

Services: Grooming

The Maven Lounge

The Maven Lounge is where change happens through information and ideas. These are the people you ask whenever you want to know something about anything — they’re always the people in the know. They’re builders, engineers, process folks, and system folks. It’s all about the ideas and the information. Welcome to MAVEN. The ultimate lifestyle and networking destination.

Services: Spa, Grooming

The Refined

The Refined is one-stop lifestyle and networking destination targeted to gentlemen. We are dedicated entirely to ’refine’ the gentlemen from head to toe while connecting them with other like-minded members for business or social. Our industrial-style lounge offers modern haircuts, straight razor shaves, skincare and body treatments, and massage therapy all designed to relax, refresh and renew. Our initiative is becoming a trusted destination whereby the members of our community can come to refresh their minds and bodies, replenish their energies, and network with their colleagues and friends.

Services: Spa, Grooming