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Our Vision

We aspire to build an incubating environment as we create opportunities for like-minded entrepreneurs to improve their ideas and pitch to in-house investors. We aim to help our business partners scale their businesses while also being socially responsible as we strive to build an environment that promotes growth not only for our business partners but also for our employees, continuously honing our craft.

Our Mission

To always innovate, lead, and provide high-quality services to our business partners and help them achieve sustainable growth. By giving our partners the most compelling management experience, we want to create meaningful growth in order for companies to deliver substantial value today and tomorrow.

Culture & Values

We believe that better outcomes are attained through meaningful collaborations. We at Pantheon foster an environment that encourages each team member to contribute and offer insights and comments to the task or project at hand.

Each team member is encouraged to understand and grasp fully the task or project at hand. We aim to pursue each investment with a meticulous eye and a high level of professionalism as we share accountability for all our ventures.

Committed to building a relationship with our partners and clients, one of Pantheon Holdings’ core value is to exude passion with each business venture. Stemming from an empathetic strategy point that understands each stakeholder, we aim to find ways to build a multi-beneficial ecosystem.

Our People

We strive to help different communities by creating and investing in businesses that will provide livelihood and create products and services that enrich the lives of the public.

Business Partners
We collaborate, develop, and support our business partners as we share industry experiences and resources to help them achieve sustainable growth.

Team Members
We promote a culture of highly collaborative members who are open to new ideas, creating a healthy environment for innovative pursuits to flourish. We strive to provide job security, growth, and career advancement to our people.

Our Team


Brian Poe Llamanzares


Brian has a background in political science and journalism. With his interest in business and other hobbies, he founded both Time Master Watches, wherein he is the CEO, and Oracle Media Group, as the president. He is also the lead investor of the A3 Group of companies and is the CEO of A-Team 360 which provides Reputation Management Services.

Faye Abrihan

Chief Executive Officer

Faye has a background in business with various experiences in advertising, fintech, and the public sector. She is an advocate of Design Thinking which she applies to all of her ventures. With her expertise, she became the CEO of Pantheon Holdings and COO of Oracle Media Group.

Marco Suarez

Chief Investment Officer

Marco has an extensive background in Finance with various experiences in business as an analyst, trader, wealth portfolio manager & financial advisor. Currently, he is the Chief of Marketing of Verne Energy Solutions, Editor-in-Chief of Negosyante News, and Chief Invest Officer of Pantheon Holdings.

Business Development Team

Rog Abastillas

Senior Business Development Lead

Rog has a background in business and real estate. His experience in the development of his own businesses throughout his career has equipped him with extensive knowledge of the start-up ecosystem, investments, property evaluation, marketing, and product development. Currently, he is involved in the management and growth of various brands under Pantheon.

Isha Son

Business Development Lead

Isha has a background in advertising and business. She has various experiences working in the retail start-up scene in the Philippines being involved in sales, marketing, and account management. As a pioneer employee at Pantheon, she is heavily involved in setting the foundation for Pantheon, Oracle Media Group, and Emporium.

Isabel Monteclaro

Business Development Lead

Isabel is well versed across various fields. She gained experience in multiple industries such as — marketing & events, beauty, retail, operations, and food & beverage. Aside from working at Pantheon Holdings as business development lead, she also owns and manages multiple small businesses.

Patrick Dy

Business Development Lead

Patrick has a background in Civil Engineering and business. He harnessed his interest in media and creation during his university years. And with his experience, he has helped grow Oracle Media Group’s assets and is leading the company coordinating with different teams – publications, marketing, creatives, sales, and account management.

Edsel Cartago

Business Development Associate

Edsel has a background in Engineering and business. Prior to joining Pantheon, he has experience in Supply Chain & Supplier Management for an infrastructure company. In Pantheon, he is involved in growing Oracle Media Group assets and is leading the company’s media partner development and management, sales, creatives, & marketing.

Baba Ganayo

Business Development Lead

Baba has a background in business which harnessed her interest in start-ups. Prior to joining Pantheon, she has experience in marketing, operations, and sales for a retail company. In Pantheon, she is deeply involved in building Oracle Media Group and managing other Pantheon investments.

HR, Admin & Finance

Den Maglinao

Human Resources & Admin

Den has a background in business management and entrepreneurship. In her career, she has developed an extensive experience in admin, human resources, and, finance in various industries in both established and start-up companies. With her expertise, she helps Pantheon adhere to government regulations and establish the foundation of its internal systems.

Janella Dagamac

HR & Admin Associate

Janella has a background in different facets of human resources which she utilizes to help the organization hit the ground running. A graduate of Psychology, her interests includes human behaviors, mental processes and observations which she employs in helping to create a collaborative and a safe-place work environment.

Wenelyn Leoveras


Wenelyn – more known as Ate Weng – is the go-to person of the Pantheon Team. She has vast and various experiences in utility, messengerial work and other administrative duties in which she uses to support the company and its employees.